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July 23, 2017
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Writing is an art and one needs to be creative and crispy with their writing. No one likes to read a boring article with a monotonous tone. That is the reason why while going across so many articles we remember some writings forever. That is the reason why there is always one preferred author over the other.

So! What does it take to become a successful writer? What are the habits of those successful writers which make them most sought after? Let’s have a look:


This is perhaps the most basic requirement. Yes, to write something really good you need to read. Reading will develop your vocabulary. It will introduce you to new writing styles. You will come across great writing by developing this habit. Also, it will motivate you to write better.So develop a habit of reading at least one hour in a day. You can start by reading 15 minutes every day and with the passage of time, increase your reading time.

Write everyday

Make this a habit of writing every day. Write one thing or the other every day till it becomes a habit. Writing will improve your speed. It will make you think faster. And it will also inspire you to try out different patterns in writing. Do not write only when you are getting paid for it, rather make it your habit. You can start by writing say 250 words in a day and then increase it gradually.

Match your writing with a speed

Speed is as important as a good writing. No doubt you need to write good content, but at the same time, you cannot take days to pen it down! You need to be speedy as well. You should be prolific with your writing and exceptionally good with your speed. A combination of these two will make you reach new heights.

No procrastination

Do not postpone today’s work on tomorrow. Remember tomorrow never comes? Make it a point to continue your habits of writing and reading every day irrespective of how difficult it becomes for you. If your day goes hectic finish it off at late night or wake up next day little early.

Set goals

Set goals about your writing. Make a goal to finish certain words in a certain day and achieve it no matter what. This will make you more discipline. And discipline is one of the major factors which will help you to attain your goals.


It is very important to know what your readers have got to say about you. What they have to say about your articles and writing. At the end of an article always ask them for their opinion. You can also take feedback from your colleagues and your near and dear ones. Also by communicating with your readers, and replying to their comments, you can create an author-reader bond which can make them your loyal readers.

Be open to criticism

If you are a writer you will come across appraisal and criticism both. It’s easy to react to appreciation and of course, a little tough to deal with critics. However, both are important. Criticism will show you what is lacking and so take it in a good stride. Take it in a positive manner. Appreciate logical and sensible criticism and ignore mean and nasty. simple!

So what habit are you lacking? And, what are you doing to develop it? Let me know via comments.

Mauni Shah
Mauni Shah
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