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July 13, 2017
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July 23, 2017
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Are you the one who has always been appreciated for your command over language? Are you the one who has been asked a favour of writing essays? Well, then this content writing is a perfect field for you.

With the increase in usage of internet, the demand for content writers is increasing by leaps and bound. Hence there are varied reasons why content writing is a good career option to be considered. some of such reasons are:

No boundaries

The best advantage of this profession is that you can work without any geographical and mental boundary. You can work with people and companies across the globe by sitting at your home. You don’t need to know their language to deal and all you need is an internet connection at your place.

Relatively easy

If your English is fluent and you can write without any grammatical mistakes and punctuation error, then that is all you need. You can easily become a professional writer and get started as a content writer. However, it is important that your writing skills are exemplary.Great exposure:

Great exposure

As a writer, you will get a lot of exposure to the knowledge around the world. A lot of topics based on food, lifestyle, maternity, real estate, economy and almost everything you will get to write about. If you have enough knowledge and competent enough, you can even get to write technical stuff like SEO, WordPress, plugins etc.

Also, students of various streams like doctors, engineers, accountants also do part time work by writing content related to their field.

Way to entrepreneurship

All you need to do is to make a website, and either do the writing yourself or arrange for the writers. This will easily set up a business and with so much increasing demand in the digital market, your business is sure to flourish.Be a freelancer:

Be a freelancer

You can work as a freelancer with some nice company. This is the best way to work where you get to work at your own time and in your own space. Sit at home and earn money! Is there a better way to do work?

And yeah, the one who can convert his/her hobby into profession never really have to “work”, remember?

Mauni Shah
Mauni Shah
I am a freelance content writer possessing experience in writing blogs, articles covering widely travelling and tourism, fashion and lifestyle, maternity and beauty care, academics and politics and all sort of website content. Technical writing is something I enjoy the most.


  1. Bela Mehta says:

    Dear Content Writer
    “Words are such a gross machinery,so primitive and ambigious ” This line by Frank Herbert beautifully explains the purpose of choice -profession as a Content Writer. So true for you.

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