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July 11, 2017
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Content writing as a profession has many takers. Not only regular workers even freelancers who have a flair with the pen can earn a decent amount by dabbling in this field. However, for people who are just venturing into this field, finding the right job is slightly tough.

The emergence of Social media has made sure that there are new ways to land with some good opportunities. Facebook groups are one of the easiest ways to do so. But even here, there is always the danger of working for someone who may just run away with your money after getting the work done. To help you with landing the best opportunities, we bring to you a list of Facebook groups which provide reliable and trustworthy clients to work with.

On the other hand, in case you are a client and looking to hire freelance content writers on Facebook, you can post your requirement in these groups to connect with writers and get your work done with least hassle.

Content Writers Needed: One of the most frequently updated FB groups, this one has more than 23000 members to boast of. Since it is a public group, it is easy for you to gain an entry here. Not only do you get a chance to grab the best clients, but people also share details of fraud clients and scammers. This helps newcomers to stay away from getting duped in the search for jobs.

Content writing services: Another interesting group. This one has 13000+ members. Here also you may land with great clients but the success rate may slightly be less. This is probably because people tend to not go back to the post again and check the responses. However, if you are quick in applying then maybe you might just be plain lucky.

Content writers: With 35000 members, this group seems to be very active. However more than job applications, there are candidates actually posting their credentials. It is easy therefore to get confused on what is the exact requirement. This is also the group where you get very low priced jobs. If you have already set a price benchmark for yourself it is wise to ignore such posts.

Content writers: Another one with the same title as the previous one. This group is run by admin Aftab Alam. There are 33000 members and the admin is very helpful as well. However, at times, the postings are few as compared to the above three groups. Hence relying only on this group is something which would not be advised.

Professional content writers: Also a public group, this one is not very well known. While there are some jobs postings that you do get here, it is better to check first before applying. A lot of scammers also keep posting their requirement hence avoid just applying to people who do not look trustworthy. One way you can do that is by checking their FB profile If it looks fake then just drop the client altogether.

Content writers Forum: This one is a closed group and you would have to wait before someone approves your request to let you join. It has 8900 members and you can even complain about any person who has scammed you. Occasionally you even find other writers posting their own blog links. This helps in you gaining some valuable insights about how to do your job well.

Web content writer: A fairly active group this one gets regular job postings. On a daily basis, the group leads to as many as 10-15 job postings. If you are focused and timely in reply, it won’t be much time before you get the perfect opportunity. You can even share details of scammers with the admin who promptly bans the person from the group.

Content writing for Start-up: The group has different kinds of content writing work. You can get work related to academic writing, website content and regular blog writing, mostly for startups. The group is interlinked to another group called Startup Hiring.

Article Writers Club: Although aimed at providing article writing jobs to people. this group has now become a place to advertise your personal blogs. However once in awhile, you may manage to find a job posting waiting for your attention. Since it is a public group, it is easy to get an entry here, but do not get carried away with fake posts which are quite prominent here.

Freelance Content Writers: This group does not have many members but still being a part of this group would get you jobs which are not posted elsewhere. The group is very strict about any kind of wrong content being published. Any kind of spamming or abusive words usage leads to the member getting banned from the group.

Finding the right place to look for a freelance content writing job is absolutely necessary. The internet is a wide place and multiple content writing opportunities are generated every day. If you do your homework well, you can land up with genuine, well-paying clients within no time. However, be patient to get results and do not work for meagre amounts of money. Once you have gained experience in this field, it won’t be much time before you can take this up as a regular profession.

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