Five ethics of content writing you should follow to gain long term clients

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July 11, 2017
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An average day of a content writer is spent arranging thoughts and phrasing them in the most rightful manner. It is indeed a great way to earn a living. For individuals who really have the right frame of mind to play with words, it’s more than just a work.

The profession of content writing can be either a home-based part-time job or a full-time. In either of the case, there are content writing job ethics which get ignored most of the time. More so because it is not a mainstream service industry.

Sticking to ethics may sometimes overwhelm you, but you should stick to it if you want to build trust with clients and retain them for a long term. Here are a few writing ethics one must abide by:

Quality: There is a general ethical need to provide quality content. Sometimes, the quality of an article can be high or low as per the payment offered. However, one cannot get away with poor grammar or plagiarised content giving an excuse that it is a low paying task. Ethically, if a professional feels the compensation offered is not suitable, they must look for new offers. There is no room for grammatical errors or poorly constructed article after one has accepted a project offer. Imagine yourself in a 9 to 5 office job, where irrespective of your salary you work as per your skills.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a term which is applicable to content which is copied from somewhere. It is a fact that not always professional content writers perform plagiarism intentionally. Sometimes thoughts match and even if one has made an original piece of work, it might be having a similarity. It’s the responsibility of a content writer to use online free or paid plagiarism checker tools to ensure originality of their works. One cannot deliver duplicate content as it’s ethically wrong. Even if no one asks, do check the content for duplicate issues.

Reliability: Reliability is developed when a client gives a writer a set of works and is absolutely sure about its quality and timely delivery. Such kind of reliability is a work ethic every content writing professional must abide by. Remember if we cannot rely or trust someone as they do not deliver things on time, then why will others trust us if we also do the same thing. Raise the bar of professional ethics. Create an environment of credibility and reliability for everlasting success.

Professionalism: A professional approach to work is one of the most important content writing job ethics one must nurture and develop. Individuals, in their endeavour to earn more, sometimes lose their professional approach. There is no match for a good professional in this world. Many work agreements require a writer to not indulge into activities like sharing one client’s works with others. A true professional should be aware of the right way to work.

Say No: For an ethical way of working as a content writer, it is important to say no where the need be. Sometimes we witness outbursts made by many writers in a community when a client offers a very low price. It is much more ethical and professional to say no and move on to the next client rather than ranting it about to the world. It only hampers your image in the community and makes other clients refrain from working with you. After all the world is filled with a lot of offers, but it does not mean you take all of them.

I have always adhered to these content writing job ethics, which hasn’t only helped me to convert  one-time clients in to long-term clients, but also get new ones via the word of mouth publicity.

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